> I own my kit since end of 1980.

> all tom- and bassdrum-shells are made of fibreglass and covered with a folio in the color called "Midnight Blue". it consists of each 1 x 12", 13", 14", 15" classic-toms, 16" and 18" floor-toms, 2 x 24" bassdrums, 1 x 6,5" deep "Superstar" wood-snaredrum, 1 x 8" deep "Superstar" wood-snaredrum manufactured in 1986 as well as an 18" REMO roto-tom.

> all drumheads are REMO ambassador - on the snares coated ones and otherwise the clear version. there are no mufflings anywhere except a "Simon-Phillips-croissant-towel-roll" on the batterheads of the bassdrums. 

> the cymbals are without exception by ZILDJIAN.

> my drumsticks are by PROMARK, the "Simon Phillips" modell.

> currently it is set up in our rehearsal room of MANIC and every rehearsal-session or practicing I am happy again that I have it and can play it. it is quite an extensive one, mighty loud and has got a unique great sound.


January 30th, 2014


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