Unbelievable 28 DM or so the ticket once cost. 

This was the first concert of these dimensions for me at all... correspondingly excited I have been of course. I've been so impressed by the PA-equipment's sound already when the music played during the admission phase, because one of my absolutely favorite records was played. It's been THERE & BACK by JEFF BECK, and I turned my attention especially to THE PUMP, since this piece is unbelievable influenced by SIMON PHILLIPS' drums and was gigantic for the beginning.

I do not remember anymore the support-act... to tell the truth I am not that a big friend of support-act. And particularly in this concert I was hot on EC.

Then, as he entered the stage and these 12.000 or more people started jelling the young greenhorn Pit was very much overwhelmed. When the first riffs of TULSA TIME had been blown through the PA, I must have been wide open-mouthed and also a few tears I shed.

The Band consisted of EC, ALBERT LEE (git, vox & keyb), CHRIS STAINTON (piano), DONALD "DUCK" DUNN (bg) and JAMIE OLDAKER (dr).

Because of that, the double-live-album JUST ONE NIGHT became my favorite record for a long time. With this one I kept the impressions of the concert alive as long as possible. Though there's been a partly different cast the prevailing-mood was there. To this day I still like listening to it very much. Unbeaten DOUBLE TROUBLE... and as Eric just recently has confirmed in the latest CHRISTIE'S catalogue... there is no second guitar aside from the good old original BLACKIE, that sounds sooooo in the second in-between-position (middle-pick-up and bridge-pick-up in use at the same time) !!! 

Even not Fender's EC-Signature-guitars. But these however have other merits, as for instance the most important feature... the mid-boost.

A few photos I was able to shot with my pocket-camera. Unnecessarily the flashlight went defective during the concert, so that the pictures are not of a really good quality, but still have a certain remembering value anyway. 

Oktober 2016 Pit Schmidt