This concert and also the CD have been overshadowed somehow because of a knee-surgery that I had to be made one week later, and also some other private and job-related trouble. Nevertheless or especially because of that I very much enjoyed this concert. The new colored Strat... just great... it's my favorite of all the colored ones... the "Rainbow Stratocaster" as it has been named later...
As the second main working-instrument a big Gibson L5 found its entry. Has had a lasting effect on myself what EC did with it... brilliant sound. For the acoustic numbers as usually a Martin Signature was ready to go, which one exactly I can't say.

The band consisted beside EC of ANDY FAIRWEATHER-LOW (git & vox), NATHAH EAST (bg & vox), STEVE GADD (dr), PAULINHO DA COSTA (perc) and DAVID SANCIOUS (keyb & vox, git on LAYLA. 

The warm-up act was DOYLE BRAMHALL II with his band SMOKESTACK. Because of his equipment one already could conclude of what type his sound will be... and that's how it was lately... "back to the 70ies". Just cool. The first time that I didn't felt bored during the warm-up act. By the way Doyle was announced by LEE "LeFevre" DICKSON", Eric's guitar tech since more than 25 years !!!

After the show I again managed it to grab one of the picks from Lee Dickson...

Oktober 2016 Pit Schmidt