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.::  Long time I have thought about how I could delineate my liking of ERIC CLAPTON on my homepage. The time has been ready anyway. There we go...

My homepage is a very personal one and therefore I also reflect here my very personal experiences, impressions and likings, because there are already a lot of well made and informative fan-pages existing, with all the facts, archives and so on...

Since BACKLESS / PROMISES EC accompanies myself on my path through my life as a human being and musician and I tracking his, as good as it is possible from the distance. Unnecessary to say, that of course in the meantime I have got all his regular records, a lot of bootlegs, a number of videos, DVDs, books and newspaper-articles in my board. 

I must not leave unconsidered, that of course because of him I also have groped myself backwards, to the old icons of the Blues (the same was as he experienced it himself), especially Robert Johnson and Big Bill Broonzy. I'm no expert... but the travel through time back to the Blues was and still is very exciting. There are a piles of things to discover and the one or another aha-experience will not stay away.

For me EC is not only a musician as anybody else, for me embodies a way of live. I was not and still not difficult for me to go along and comprehend all his musical turns. A lot of other EC-fans have a problem with that. I just think about some really bloodcurdling chat in fan-pages-forums about the album PILGRIM. In consider him as a music-artist, who can reflects his live and feeling of live at a time, just the way like painters are doing it.

Whatsoever...I like it what he's doing and how he's doing it  - some more, some less. Anyway I am always very fond of, what's up next..

.::  On March 27th, 2010, during the Music-Fair in Frankfurt Eric's good old Fender Stratocaster, nick-named "BLACKIE", had been on display (together with Stevie Ray Vaughan's "LENNY"). It was accompanied by Drew Berlin and Dave Belzer, aka "The Burstbrothers". Fortunate circumstances and very kind people made it possible that I could have a look onto it, briefly talk to it's "guards" and even got a picture together with it. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart Detlef, Drew and Dave... 

...these are the pictures.



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